What’s Stopping You?


How could something happen if you don’t do something to make it happen?

The moment you say I can’t, it’s the time you accept the defeat.

I’m sure that you’ve already said those two words before, maybe until now. I assume that you said it because you felt hopeless. Maybe confused. Maybe someone told you so (which is very rude). Or maybe, you felt of uncertainty.

But, should you stop there? Of course not! You are not born not to do things but to create amazing things. You are capable of anything. Even if others (or your inner self) tell you that you can’t, don’t let it rule you. Prove them wrong. Nobody can ever tell you that you can’t do anything. It is you who knows your capability. You just have to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Sometimes, the problem is not with the things…

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What am I really good at?







Posted by The Girl Behind The Pen

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It’s hard for me to see that other people at my age are now successful than I am. Those 18 year olds that have their own business or now have their own page in a magazine, how cool is that? Seeing their success somehow inspires me but deep inside me, I am so envious. I always ask myself when will I become like them. Or… will I be like them?

Every time that my family, friends, and teachers ask me what will I be taking in college, I would mention a course that I think is easy for me to cope but in my mind I always say “I don’t know yet.” It’s our last year in high school and in a few months, we’ll be facing a new world. One of my teachers asked me “ano ba ang hilig mong gawin?” I just smiled at her. In my thoughts, it’s been bugging me. What do I really want to do? What do I really want to be? And leads me to what am I really good at?

When I was a kid, I’ve had a lot of dreams:



Image source

I wanted to be a doctor. 9 out of 10 kids would merely say that they wanted to be a doctor someday, and I was one of the 9. It’s very common for kids to have this dream. If you ask why, most of them would say “because I want to help people who are suffering” but I would say “because I want to wear a white coat and earn a lot of money.” This dream came to me when I saw my grandmother in father’s side died by her doctor’s side. I was seven that time. I wanted to wake her up but I couldn’t. And then I said to myself, when I became a doctor, I wouldn’t let my patient die.



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An architect. One of my favorite hobbies back then is to draw. I love drawing houses for my dolls. I usually design the houses in a white long folder, sometimes in an illustration board. My family and friends noticed that I have the talent to draw so I was really inspired by it. I joined many contests in school such as the poster making contests and editorial cartooning, luckily, I won; which made me think that I wanted to be a painter or a designer, too, someday. I used to have an eye for arts but all was gone now. I don’t know why, maybe because some didn’t appreciate what I did. It really gets me whenever I didn’t feel good at something I’m doing. I lose my interest the time I notice that others don’t see what I can see in my work. Or maybe, some were just better than me.

edy-cartoon-business-woman-tutorials1Image source


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A businesswoman. I wanted to be like my father. He worked in big companies such as Citibank, AIG, and others. He said that he’s just in his office because he’s the manager that time. I wanted that job—just sitting yet, I earn a lot. His work brought him to different places, locally and internationally. That’s what I wanted when I was little because I thought that I’d enjoy that job—you get to travel to many places without giving your sweat and blood, you just have to talk to people and that’s it, success in your seat. That’s what I thought that time. I thought he didn’t give much to his work yet, he earns a lot, but I realized when I grew up that everything requires sweat and blood.


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A chef. It was just in high school when I saw myself as a chef. I am always having fun watching someone cooks personally or in TV. There is something in cooking that gets my interest. In fact, in my dream list, I’ve written that I would own a restaurant at the age of 30. But in reality, I don’t even know how to cook. Well, I can fry eggs and hotdogs. I don’t know how to cook saucy foods. I usually cook dry dishes such as nilasing na hipon and tempura. When it comes to desserts, you can count me on that. The moment you smell those delightful pastries and sweet chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, it makes me oh la la. Those are my expertise.


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A Mass Communicator—reporter specifically.  Since elementary, I’m always a member of our school paper. I was always one of the students who are sent to compete with other students from different schools in Press Conferences. Like the usual, I won several awards. But I never got the first, always the second, third, and fourth. When I saw Kara David, a reporter form GMA, in one of her shows, that is the moment I thought of being like her someday. But when I’ve heard various things about Journalist killings especially when the Maguindanao Massacre exploded, it gave me second thoughts. Why? I’m human too, you know. I don’t want to die early.

And that time, I was so sure that I will achieve all of that, if not, maybe one of it.

I am now a Journalism student. I wanted to pursue the writing career—be it in a magazine or having to publish my own novels. I chose this path because this is the only thing I know that I am good at. Is it?

I confess…  I am a self-proclaimed green-eyed monster. I always see others as my competitors, even my friends. I don’t want them to be better than I. I want to be the only one who gets this and that. I want to be the best. See? I am a self-centred person. My jealousies always bring the monster out in me. When someone gets praise from his works, I was like hey he’s not the only one who did well. And when the other gets in to the same group as I am, the others will follow. Is it really necessary to be in the same group as I am? Can’t you just give it to me? When will I be the “only one” who will excel at this thing? How can I stand out in the middle of the crowd?

To be honest, I don’t know if I am really good at writing because my grade now doesn’t show it. Every time I see my grade lower than before, I am so down. Who wouldn’t be? Yes I’ve amazed my professors and made some of my classmates cried in the radio drama script I’ve written but I can’t say that I excel in this path because no one says I do, though I think I’m doing well every time I write something. It feels like something’s telling me to get out of this class and shift to another course. I keep on asking why did I get that? What’s wrong with me? Yet, no answers. I hate it every time I have a lot of questions and it leaves me unanswered. Maybe my articles aren’t as good as others. Oh for God’s sake. Am I not good enough?

If I’m not good at this thing, what am I really good at? Could someone please hit me in my face with the answers? I’d take it any possible way. I’d accept how painful it is.

“Alam mo, di mawawala ‘yung mga moments na ganyan. Normal lang yan. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. Wag ka lang papaapekto sa mga bagay na nagbababa sa’yo. Magaling ka at alam kong kaya mong makuha lahat ng pangarap mo” says Nikka, my best friend in high school.

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But as I hit every year, it made me think again. Is this really what I want? And indeed it is. I am so sure of it because I have a goal. I wanted to work in a magazine, Candy to be specific. Is it good? Is it okay if I work there? Some says that it’ll be a waste of time to work in a magazine if you’re studying Journalism because you wouldn’t apply all the ethics and lessons you’ve learn. Even my mom keeps on asking me “anong mapapala mo dyan?” Well, who cares? It’s my life. This is what I want. No one can dictate me with what to do with what I want. As long as I am happy with it, I’ll pursue it. Go ahead. Laugh now. Reserve your jaw-dropping moments in two years.

In life, in order to succeed,  I realized that we need to be positive and confident at all times and we shouldn’t be affected on what everyone thinks about us. ‘Cause if we let them affect our lives in a negative way, there’s no way success and happiness can enter into our hearts.

The Voice of Copyright: Respect!

By :Juancho Antonov

People may sometimes be considered blind for not seeing the importance of a specific work of an individual. These works surely took so much effort from a specific author or writer to produce. Since producing a literary work or the like requires too much effort (and time), every author deserves an acknowledgement whenever his/her work was used. Presently, most of the things that could be found online are usually considered as “public”. By “public”, we can say that it could serve as for public consumption. In this case, does an author still have the right to sue the people who may have used his/her work without any citations or acknowledgement? Or simply, does he/she still have the right to call his/her work “mine”?

Recently, a student of University of the Philippines in the name of Mark Joseph Solis got engaged into a conflict where his personal and the school’s credibility were put into question. Solis, who submitted a photo and won in a National Photo Contest, was found to be plagiarized, and owned by a Brazilian national Gregory John Smith. But what is more intriguing, it was discovered that Solis was fond of joining photo contests (this was his 7th time joining contests), and submitting a photo which he don’t own. He’s getting these photos in the photo-sharing site, Flickr. Flickr is a website where magnificent photos can be found. Helpful but a victim of abusive people since everybody can own a photo there by just saving the photos and re-uploading it as their own.


(This is the photo plagiarized by Solis)

photo taken from : http://www.yugatech.com

      This incident is just one of the proofs that the world we are living in is a place where respecting one’s property can be associated to every tribes’ tradition. As time passes, its importance diminishes, until it came to the point where in, no one would care to recognize it. Honoring or acknowledging someone for his/her work is such a very easy thing to do. There are just people who tend to swindle sometimes.

There is nothing wrong in using someone else’s intellectual property as long as the author concerned will be acknowledged. It is actually one of the basics in self-protocol to recognize the author of an intellectual property whenever their works were used. But to think, there is someone who exerted too much effort, spent too much time, and did everything just to make his/her work outstanding – could be the very reason to acknowledge the author. Acknowledging someone is such a very easy thing to do, again. But nowadays, people tend to forget to do this.

copyright black and white.jpg-550x0

photo taken from : http://www.lexisnexis.com

Modernization is one of the reasons why people’s way of thinking, way of life, and

absolute consumption. In just one click, you’ll be able to download the movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II on the internet. You can watch it on your computer without thinking of how much effort was exerted just to make sure that the movie will please the public. How pitiful the producer is, for his ownership rights have been intentionally violated by “pirates” or people who consume things which are not really supposed to be free.

Copyright has always been underestimated. Most of the people don’t know how to give any respect for it. Technology-related innovations also helped in transforming people, from makers to copiers.  The internet instilled too much laziness in the minds of the people. Instead of making their own stories, they would just copy from the web and submit it. To be able follow the trend, you download new songs from different websites without paying for it. Instead of buying expensive books, photocopy machines serve as the key for you to save money. Sometimes, the more people try to be a wise spender, they more they become an offender.

Behind this can of worms with regards to violating one’s right to ownership, countries from various parts of the world wouldn’t leave the victims out in the cold. That is why they have started to implement a law on protection of personal properties. In the Philippines, the establishment of Republic Act No. 8293, also known as the Philippine copyright law lifted many hopes of the Filipinos who have been a victim of copyright infringement.  Imprisonment of six (6) to nine (9) years plus a fine ranging from Five hundred thousand pesos (P500, 000) to one million five hundred thousand pesos (P1, 500,000) is the highest penalty a violator should receive.


Photo taken from : globalvoiceonline.org

               It’s very nice to think how law extended its helping hands to those who have been victimized by copyright infringement. However, violating this rule is more of a moral offense.  As there can never be as immoral as neglecting one’s hard work by stealing one’s property and claiming all the recognitions which was not supposed to be yours at all.

For some moment, one’s hard work reflects every person’s life cycle. You have to start knowing nothing at all – which somehow makes you realize that listening plays a vital role in learning. As the process of learning takes place, our eagerness to prove that we can do everything even if our rival is the clashing tides in the oceans develops. Every step you take shapes you, until you have reached the point of doing something worthy for others, and especially for yourself. However, the process became dull because of the paralyzed sympathy of others.  They didn’t witness how you grappled; they aren’t there to see how hard destiny challenged you before you survived. That made it so easy for them to steal something away from you — they don’t care about your hardships. Still, you need to be respected, and at the same time, be acknowledged.

Respect is never complicating. People often see it as a simple word. Same process the way it should be spelled out, let’s make it easy by giving it to those who deserve it most. It is also a two-way process, if you want to be respected, and then give respect to others too. Once in our lives, we become authors, and still we can be. To be able to get justice from it, we want to be recognized for our works, we want copyright. Respecting copyright is not just complying with the law given by the state. If you’ll be able to know it, you’ll definitely realize that respecting copyright is more of respecting one’s moral rights, which is an order from God.


photo taken from : marshill.org

Gays: Why can’t we say NO to a Relationship?

By :Juancho Antonov

In a television program that we often watch every night, have you seen a gay character who refused accepting the love offered to him?  He chose to be single and deal with it for the rest of his life. I haven’t seen that television program yet.  A gay who despite the pain he had gone through always wears blinker, refusing to see the cruel part of the world and with open heart and mind like he had never been so hurt before. That is being gay, vulnerable but a fighter.


photo taken from : http://www.motivationalmemo.com

       Finding love has never been easy for both men and women. It may take score of years before a person could say I have found the right one. Of course, we all go through heartaches which sometimes can be depressing but there is always room to fall in love again and be loved again, again and again. Some of us are convinced that love is about perfect timing. That love is fate, a destiny.  And that perfect love only comes to those who patiently wait.  For them love is magical and they are willing to wait whatever it takes for that perfect mate to come along.

Love is something that comes out in moment less expected. A destiny that says “love comes to those who wait “However, how can a gay man be picky and sees love as a thing can’t be hurried where in the first place, they don’t see any piece of love that lies ahead? Do they still need to believe in destiny despite the real situation dictates that the idea of destiny is quite impossible to homosexual people?

Destiny, how fair have you been to all human kind?


photo taken from : remotestarterblog.com

 I have come to watch the movie “The Love of Siam”. This is a Thai film that bravely narrates love is equal, regardless of gender. The Thai Superstars Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul who starred in the film were fantastic and have given absolute justice to the characters. The film strongly conveys that gays equally have the right to love and to be loved.  “Mew” which is portrayed by Witwisit, is a teenager who is very certain about his sexual orientation – that he is gay. He is being loved by “Tong”, a childhood friend who later developed feelings to Mew, but claiming that he isn’t gay. I got a quote from the character of Mew enlightening us on how gays feel being in love.

“If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it one day when we are separated? And if being separated is a part of life, and you know about separation well, is it possible that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them? [Or,] is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving at all?”


photo taken from :almichael.wordpress.com

That’s how a gay thinks. People need to understand that when gays enter in a romantic relationship with men, like any other human beings in love, they may keep hoping that the love could be forever. They wish that the feelings can remain mutual, and never fade. Of course, all humans will make this as their wish when they thought they have just found the right person, wishing that the feelings will grow stronger as time passes by. However, gay men are quite hopeful than the usual heterosexual people out there. A gay sees a relationship as a rare chance to live happily until their last breath.  A rare chance since not all gays is given this privilege to grow old with smirk in their faces.


photo taken from : huffingtonpost.com

People should understand that prissiness isn’t a right given to the gays, that’s why they don’t act as a girl whenever entering a relationship is a topic. Gays, when they felt they are being treasured by a certain guy, no matter how drag the face of that guy, will never have to be choosy, unlike girls. When they feel that someone is giving importance to them, that’s the time they’ll consider their selves as beautiful, they realized that they are also the son of God, because these things happen rarely in their lives. You could just imagine how many years they have waited just for that moment to come, a love and a relationship they have waited for so long, and the only act that was left is to thank God.  Gays, regardless if the guy’s intention is real or not, will always accept the affection being given to them because that’s the time they can say “I’m also beautiful, just like other girls who deserve to be loved, so I shouldn’t be picky anymore.”

People should understand that some gays like many heterosexuals are Gerascophobic- the fear of growing old alone. What about you? Aren’t you scared of growing old?  Being old and alone is preparing your meals, ironing your clothes, paying your electronic bills, watching television and laughing at some silly stuff alone, and changing your own adult diaper when the time comes that you can’t go to the comfort room and pee. Do you think it’s easy for gays to accept that this could be their fate if they don’t find their love in this quite cruel world? Most of the people think that being gay is a matter of choice. Yes, it is. But I strongly say that gays are the strongest people in the world. The moment they have decided to be gay, is as equal as the decision of facing this world being criticized, accepting that all humanities and situations wouldn’t be fair, and accepting that growing old alone wouldn’t be a choice, but rather a curse. There’s no people as tough as gay to accept that life for them is not a fairy tale story, which tells a “Happily ever after”.  So tell me, how can a gay man decline a relationship when the fear of growing old is eating them?

People should understand that gays are also humans. They have the right to fall in love and be loved.  Some people see gays as plague of our society and refuse to recognize that gay people are human beings too like heterosexuals who would normally desire for romantic relationship.  Most of the time, when someone knows that a gay has a crush on a certain guy, people tend to sensationalize it,  spreading the love affair like a wildfire, maliciously postings and discussing it in social media sites. They make fun of gays – call them sluts, bitches and feelers. Just because gay develops feelings to a man, he is judged and penalized for that. It becomes an offence for gays to fall in love.

We are all human beings and it is absolutely disrespectful and a violation of the right to human dignity to deprive gays their rights to fall in love with fellow gays or men. We all deserve a healthy relationship, including healthy gay relationship – that is worth living.

People should understand that like any human beings, gays have hearts willing to love and be loved. It does not matter how many times gays fall in love, get hurt and fall in love and get hurt again.  Rejection and acceptance are part of being human – and gays are humans. No matter how many times gays being in love have cried, have fallen, have risen, have laughed, have been hurt, have been happy – that is normal to any human beings and therefore to gays as well and should not be considered strange. They cannot say “No” to a relationship simply because, they deserve it.

That is being gay. There is nothing that should surprise us.  They know that the path of finding love will never be as easy as one, two, and three.  There will always be road blocks and dark alleys that need to be navigated. They know that rules are imposed by the mainstream society.  And society should start accepting that being gay and falling in love is normal, not to be judged and penalized.  They will have their own stories to tell as all human beings have, unique in some ways and common in some other ways.  They will equally fight and sacrifice for their loved ones. They will equally have their share of failures and successes, seeing love the greatest thing that can possibly happen on earth.  Love conquers all.

How much do you know your friends?

Posted by: The Girl Behind The Pen

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen the sun. In the past few weeks, it’s been raining hard that makes the place so gloomy, which I hate. But now, the sun is up and it’s scorching hot—and I love it. I don’t care how high the temperature is but I missed this. I missed staring at my window trying to recall all my happy thoughts while feeling the breeze of fresh air.

As I glance at my window in my room, I saw two girls happily chatting about something while walking home.

And then I remember something—something that’s been bugging me since high school.

I am trustworthy. My friends back then always keep on running by my side because they think that I am the right person to talk to. They tell me their problems and some, even dirty secrets. At first, I don’t know why every person in school seeks my advice. I don’t know why they always share their stories to me—maybe because I was known to be the quietest girl in school? Maybe. Maybe not. But now, I know the answer—it’s because you can count on me. And I can assure you that.

I am the type of person who easily trusts people. When someone says something to me, I’d definitely believe it and have no other second thoughts. What they say, for me is true. And what I say to them will stay and will never cross the line. That’s what I believed.

In high school, we meet different people that we’ll spend the four years of our secondary level—some will become are friends and some will be haters. Through those hundreds of people that we meet, there is this one person that will catch our attention.

It was our screening for the school paper when I saw this cute boy. At first, I was just amazed how nice his smile is but as time passed, I recognize everything he does. I’ve heard so many things about him from my classmates and our schoolmates from higher years. He’s the batch valedictorian in their school. He’s also very active in extracurricular activities. I’ve admired him since then, until our second year in high school.

Every time my friends and I talk about crushes, there was no moment that I confessed that he’s my crush. I always mention different names so that they wouldn’t be able to tease me if they have the chance. I held that secret for so long until I met another group of friends. They forced me to tell who my crush is and they promised that it will never be out. I believe in our saying what you see, what you hear, when you go leave it here. So I spilled it out. 

How much do I know them? Are they worthy of my trust?


Myka, 20

Myka, 20

“I cannot say that I already know them from head to toes. For me, it takes three years before I say that I already know a person. I know my friends based on how I know myself because it is believed that ‘ friends are your second self’. I trust them more than i trust myself so it crashes my heart whenever they break my trust. I’m a loyal friend. I’m a friend who can stand you first. It’s sad to say But no one would do the same thing to me. I trust them more than I trust myself. I’m a girl who looks for a best friend for life. It’s easy to say BFF but none knows how to mean it.”




Claudine, 18




“I know my friends to the point where their parents do not know them. I trust them with every ounce of my blood”





Leif, 18

Leif, 18

“I know my friends in a way na I know what they like to do during our free time at school, the way we talk to each other like there’s no tomorrow, the way we laugh during funny moments. Sa barkada namin sa school, pili lang ang pinagoopenan ko ng kung ano anong bagay tulad ng love, past expiriences… mahirap kasing magtiwala agad agad yan nagtitiwala ako sakanila na parang tinuturing ko na rin silang kapatid ko.”




Lois, 18

Lois, 18




“I know something about them that nobody knows. Because we trust each other”




Joph, 21

Joph, 21



“Sa totoo lang hindi ko naman gaano talaga kilala ung mga friends ko lalo na kung mag kakaiba kami ng ugali. Pwera nalang kung halos araw araw talaga kaming mag kakasama. Ayoko na mag trust masyado lalo na ngayon. May reason naman ako kung bkit ganon. Siguro may ilan lng akong mga bagay na pwedeng sabhin pero ung mga importante sinasarili kp nlng. Staka naka experience na dn kasi ako sa sobrang open ko sakanila mga sinasabi ko nalalaman ng iba”




After a week or so, I noticed something. Things we were before turned out differently. It’s like there’s a gap between us. The way they look at me freaks me out. I was paranoid that time that I don’t even know a single thing what was happening. And then a friend told me “Alam na ng buong class na crush mo si ano. Sabi pa nga nila, patay na patay ka daw sakanya.” After hearing that, it feels like I was betrayed. My mind was blank and all I can think about is to escape this world. I wanted to cry. I wanted to shout. I just wanted to throw a chair in his face and put his big holed socks in the mouth of that assuming-feeler-monster-in denial gay for him to shut up. But then I thought, what for? It’ll never change the situation because it already happened. I cannot turn back the time. It’ll just make the situation worst. Besides, I will not level myself with that kind of person.

But who are them to make fun of you? Who are them to treat you like you’ve done something disgusting? They’re such hypocrites. Everyone has no right to do such especially if you don’t know the real story.

I was wrong. I learned that trusting the wrong people is a matter of life and death. You can trust somebody but you can never trust everybody.

from Tumblr

from Tumblr

The ones I thought will help me all along are the ones who pulled me down.

 “Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see you as clever, gifted or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who’s extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is broken.”—Dr Phil’s personality test revealed what kind of person I am.

Forgiving them is easy but being able to trust them again is a different story. In spite of what happened to me, I still trust others, but this time, wisely.



How loud SULIT.COM.PH does speak for its name? Does this site was honestly made for shopper’s convenience or is it just the name that sounds good, but the real thing is “It is just too good to be true”? Let’s review this shopping website and find out if we can catch a fish in a desert.


Photo taken from :Sulit.com.ph


Whenever we hear this tagline, one thing would surely enter our mind, SULIT.COM.PH. This classified ads website  was made on September 11, 2006 by Netrepreneurs Connection Enterprises. It is a  website that caters primarily to Philippine market. It is an online marketplace where people buy and sell a wide variety of goods, products, and services under different categories such as real estate, auto motives, careers, business products and services, and many more among Filipino individuals and business groups all over the world. ( Wikipedia 2013)

Since We Filipinos are living in a society where  Internet connection had been a must for everybody, creators of this site saw this as an opportunity to reach the broader perspective of online selling. Though this site doesn’t directly produce and sell a certain product, this site serves as the “Online Divisoria” for sellers and shoppers where thousands of items like Shirts, gadgets, foods or even pets can be found for sale, may it be brand new or 2nd hand. For sure, Online sellers would thank this site, making their marketing strategies and techniques even more accessible for everyone, especially for the “Netizens”. This proves that even shopping that requires physical effort through going malls was now under this digital era and can be transformed into a less effort and hassle-free shopping online.


Photo taken from : stechienotes.com

Admit it, walking in the mall just to buy a single piece of shirt can really be exhausting and time consuming. Aside from the effort exerted through going to mall alone, the whole exploration inside the mall and tiangge is quite off already, especially nowadays where in technology transformed people into its lazier version, SULIT and other online shopping website grabbed the perfect time to get the outmost attention and interest of the prospect shoppers. Another thing in SULIT is that, you can choose from  hundreds of items being sold in the site. For example, simply type “IPhone 4s” in the search engine, then hundreds of Iphone4s would appear instantly in your screen. From those items, you can choose the one that you want, the one that fits your personality, and since most of the items in this site were second-hand, SULIT wouldn’t be SULIT if it’ll leave your pocket empty, so it’s already given that items here are mostly below par . Last thing, SULIT is open for everybody, regardless of the status, sex, nationality, and age of both shoppers and sellers.


Albert, 19 a business minded student has been one of the thousands sellers in SULIT. He’s been selling statement shirts for a couple of years, and from those years of experience of being a businessman in the cyber world, he can proudly say that he has been making money through his self in a less hassle way.

“Sa SULIT kase, magpopost ka lang ng item na binibenta mo, the only process that requires more effort would be the promotion, syempre you need to market your product, kailangan Makita ng tao kung ano yung binebenta mo for you to have your buyers, yung exposure ba. Hindi mo na kailangan pa magka pwesto sa mga malls and tiangge’s kase nga Online has been the market ehh, wala pang bayad once you decided to be a seller,So Hassle-free talaga, nakatipid ka pa.”



If there are words that fit SULIT.COM.PH for Albert, it would be “THANK YOU”. Albert has been supporting his studies all alone. This Business Administration student said that he grew up not knowing his parents. He has been raised by her grandmother, and since he discovered that his creativity together with his ideas can make money out of his hand, he used it through printing statement shirts and have it posted in SULIT.COM.PH.

“ Wala naman akong puhunan at oras para magkapwesto sa mall, so ayun gumawa akong account sa SULIT at yun, nagbunga naman yung risks and sacrifices ko. Thank you talaga sa SULIT kase nakatulong sya sa improvement ng buhay ko” Albert happily said.

We have seen how SULIT transformed Albert’s life. From a “person-in-need” to a “person highly needed” because the demands for his product has been unstoppable. Now, let me share how SULIT affected my life too. This experience is for me to share, and for you to be more cautious about engaging business online.

One time I saw this latest gadget and I can’t help but to crave and die to have it. I opened the page and I knew that the seller was a woman in the name of “Joyce”. Her full name was posted in her site, so the 1st thing I did was to check her facebook account, for me to analyze if her face was worth the trust of the money that I’m supposed to give, and assumed that her face doesn’t seem like a scammer. She named the price of the gadget for almost below par that it would really grab your attention, “Kung baga sa pagkain, TAKAW MATA” that’s why I  quickly grabbed the opportunity, I’ve gotten her cellphone number and asked her if the item was still for sale, and she replied Yes, it was still available. We have talked regarding the gadgets, I’ve acted as if I’m really meticulous for me to analyze if she was telling the truth, asked how long she had the gadget, checked if it is  really in a mint condition since it was only 2nd hand, and asked her how the transaction will be. Since she said that she stays in La Union, Pangasinan, the only choice was the Shipment transaction. That time, it’s like my mind was hypnotized by her affordable item, that I didn’t thought that there were still many choices that would required only meet-up transaction, that’s why as easy as the blink of an eye, we have this deal that I’ll buy the item, and I’ll be needing to pay the price, before she send the item. Because I was too blinded by her sweet words and promises and mesmerized me by her fake perfumes, since I’ve anticipated that if ever this was just a scam, I can report her, since I know her number, her  facebook account, and the” full of effort -personality” she had portrayed, I was convinced to buy and pay for it, so I did. She said that I’ll receive the item within 24 hours through Air21, and that’s how we have the deal closed. I’ve waited, patiently waited, stressed waited until 24 hours have passed and I received nothing but fear, and worries. I’ve texted her that the item wasn’t on my hands yet, but didn’t received any reply at all. I’ve tried calling her for hundred times but the phone was always left unanswered. Until I realized “Oh Yes, I was scammed.” I, myself claimed before that I won’t be foolish in terms of this kind of transaction, Ironically, I was. Of course I have this silly fault that I’ve trusted so much the scammer,

             but don’t you think SULIT is teaching the scammers, to cope up with this new era of technology and be a “cyber-scammer”? Does SULIT and other online shopping website have been the breeding ground for the higher cyber criminals? A much and improved that can be called as “Masasamang loob version 2.0 ”?


photo taken from :  www.rctech.net

Yes, there could be many things that SULIT have offered to the public, the convenience, the item’s affordability, the effortless shopping galore. But it’s quite alarming that a free site like SULIT is being invaded by the money-clouded people. And since it was free, there’s no filtration that is happening, everyone can post an item without the site’s knowledge if it was true or not. The only thing a buyer can hold is the trust and the hope that the transaction will be fine and true.

SULIT doesn’t have these gatekeepers to check the seller’s credibility and ability to sell an item.

Choosing an item and trusting a seller in SULIT is like searching for a true friend, many will pretend but only few are willing. SULIT, if it is really shoppers-friendly, could have been produced gatekeepers to filter whom among these sellers aren’t wearing a mask. Yes it might be hard, as hard as a stone perhaps, but if this site is really concern with their visitors, not only for the site’s personal gain and popularity, they could have been done that even before thousands of crimes regarding this Site have been engaged to. They should have been included “Ingat” in their tagline, HANAP.USAP.INGAT.DEAL. that would sound more cautious and believable.

SULIT doesn’t have the record of the names of their sellers.

In every class, names of the students are highly recommended for record keeping, not just because for them to know each other, but for the teacher to know who among her/his class did something good and bad. Unluckily, SULIT doesn’t have this, thus giving the whole decision to the buyers, to assume whom to trust to. It’s like shoppers were shopping with a blindfold in his eye. Most likely in a dilemma of “mini mini miny moo”, there’s no assurance. SULIT has been teaching scammer to evolve into something trendy and techie scammers. The site had unconsciously taught the people how to scam people in a more easy, uncomplicated and latest way. Honestly, everyone can scam in SULIT whenever they want, and this is because SULIT has no credible and trustworthy list of names of their sellers.

If you were scammed, all we can say is SORRY.

Just because SULIT lacks of everything I have cited, do you think they’ll be responsible if you were scammed? Expectation hurts, we all know that. Once you were scammed, you have wasted money, you didn’t get the chance to have the item that you thought you’ll have, you’ll think that you are fool, it’ll make you realize how silly you are, and do you think they’ll be responsible for your lost? It is you to know and again, it is you to find out. SULIT had been too good to be true for the shoppers, making them believe that the primary aim of it was for their convenience. It’s silly if in the initial planning of the making the site, they didn’t anticipated that SULIT could have been used for crimes since it involves money, so I am sure they did. But they seems to be blind-folded, not seeing that SULIT was being used as the instrument for cyber crimes and doing nothing at all? Even their actual website doesn’t give sympathy if in case you were scammed, there’s no section there saying “What if I was scammed in SULIT?” So shoppers should really be cautious.

I’m not generalizing that all SULIT sellers are all scammers, because in the first place that’s not what I have written. I’m not saying that SULIT had been a home of scammers and crimes, they have just lacked in precautionary measures and guidelines on how a shopper should buy an item. SULIT has been made to catch fish in a sea, not in the desert. That’s why if SULIT is really made for everybody’s convenience, the name itself should prove that  HANAP.USAP.DEAL can really be done in formal, civilized, safe and credible way, and the shopping itself in SULIT can really be considered as SULIT.

I wanna get used to it

by: Kring-Kring




Whenever I decide to do something, my friends would always tell me, “hay, naku! Sila na susuko sayo!”

I always wanted to join competitions in the fields of ART—like poster making, costume designing, a little of debating and sports.

I joined this sport called FUTSAL just last year. I never played this sport before until last year. I don’t even have a background on this sport or other sport related to it which is football or soccer. The only football player I know was the Philippine AZKALS, some of the Philippine MALDITAS, David Beckham and Pele.

My friend asked me if I wanted to play FUTSAL, I said Yes but I do not know how to play it or what’s the rules, I don’t even know how to kick it properly, and she said, it’s okay, what is the coach for?

The team I joined never ever, even once experience victory. They never had wins before, their standing was always 0-7—standing still, I know.

When I knew about this, I always tell to myself, I will do my very best for this team. And so I and my team mates train so insane because we don’t want to be the same.

But we failed. And yes, we didn’t have any wins—even one.

The sports coordinator said that if we will not have even one win, she’ll remove the FUTSAL team and we don’t want that to happen.

This year, almost all the best players in our team graduated already. It was hard for us because we look up to them.  Everyone that’s left in our team was rookies.

I thought we were ready for this year. In our training and tune-ups, we often defeat our opponents which happen to be RPs (Philippine Team). But as the first games come, again, we failed.


Everything was our error. So we fixed those errors, train harder and prayed.

At last, WE WON!


We won this Sunday’s game at Zobel. We defeated a one strong team, Assumption College.

They didn’t even score at least 1.

When we first scored, I dunno but I felt that the game was ours. All of us were like praying and thanking God.

There were attempts but it just didn’t go in.

I wanna shout it to the world, WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!


I knew it, we can do it and yes, WE DID IT at last.

I’m just so happy, very happy because there are people believing in us and supporting us.

Now, what I wanna do is, do my best in next week’s game and get in the CHAMPIONSHIP.

I don’t wanna get use to defeat, I wanna get used to WINNING!

To whom it may concern (to those who don’t believed in us),

We’re goin’ to show you that we’ll win this time and we’re going to do it. You’re going to come to us running with a picture on your left hand and a marker on the right, begging for our autographs. Just wait and see, we’re going to turn your beliefs upside down  [sa tagalog, Isasampal ko sa mukha mo kung ano kami ngayon].

Photo Source: www.californiafamilyfitness.com , www.thrive80.com , jayroeder.com , www.flickr.com

Blood over Bond: A taste of Survival


-By Fish-balls

“Every dog deserves a home, but not every home deserves a dog.” –Anon

They are our warmers when we’re cold, our all-time favourite toy, and our ever so loyal cuddle-buddy. He walks on four and barks for our attention, we may hit him every time but he never fights back, proving his love is unconditional.

When all else fails, our dog is there but when poverty sinks in, would you dare to eat your best friend?

One man could stand against the odds and prove that dogs aren’t just a man’s best friend but also the best finger food.

Let me share you this as my first personal experience of both horror and unforgettable experience that tested my feelings as a pet owner and a wandering writer.

Let’s all call him as Mang Romy of Tondo, Manila.(His request was not to be identified due to this issue and as well as not to get affected of this work.)

For the very first time, I have seen another side of Tondo: the clean and busy streets, no stiff alleyways and a decent wet market with the likings of Quiapo, but then my story was not there, along the dangerous passages of Gasak, there stood a small house that blend along with the other houses of informal settlers of Tondo, this man in 50’s welcomed me like one of his ‘drinking-mates’, offered me a seat and a drink if I wanted to.

“Alam ko bakit ka andito, nako balak mo din siguro ako tagain. *laughs*”

His statement poked me like he knows what I came for. Well, he did, after all my ‘Anon’ told me something that could kindle my cooling brain cells since I’m starting to get empty-handed for my remaining articles. This was it.

Mang Romy was fond of Asocena.

Asocena is a dish consisting of dog meat popularized here in the Philippines, the food that seem to fuel my anger every time I get to watch documentaries about this on TV, my feelings as a pet owner began to stir against my guest but playing as a professional student, I need to set aside my personal thoughts about this topic.

“Nagpaparami kami naman ng aso, hindi naman yung basta lang nangunguha. Syempre kung ano pa mga nakain nun e di yari din kami.”

He asked me if I wanted to see the process how to make a ‘dog-made’ dish, but I refused to see, my limbs were weak enough not to continue further my interview. I walked inside his household only to see six dogs happily wagging their tails for Mang Romy, a scene that struck me til’ I left his house.

‘Those dogs are due for dinner’, that’s the only thing I have on my mind.

Dogs for Mang Romy are the same as animals in livestock, you breed and chop. Clean them, cook them, and they all taste the same, he was not the type of individual who get too much attachment on animals, according to him:

“Sa buhay paunahan lang yan sinong makaka-isa, ikaw ang kakain o ikaw ang kakainin. Wala naman akong natatapakang iba, sadyang hindi lang sila sanay na pwede din yan kainin.”

His words would make riddles that seem to mix practicality and philosophy in life, but what makes it a negative connotation for animal lovers was the thought of killing a dog’s life that values you more than anything and respects you more than any of its kind.

I told him that I am one of those individuals that are against his practice; he then smiled and apologized but remained on his stand.

“Tulad nga ng sabi ko, kanya kanya naman yang buhay tsaka aso ko naman din yan. Magalit sila kung kumuha ako ng kanila tapos niluto ko di ba?”

He told me a short process in making Asocena:

1.)    Know what kind of dish first.

2.)    You get the dog and you know what happens. (Butchering)

3.)    Cook its outside covering by using flamethrower or grill it, make sure the whole body is cooked.

4.)    Do your normal way of cooking. (e.g boiling or sautée etc.)

And Ta-da! You have your Asocena meal.

This practice has been banned in the Philippines since 1988 via Republic Act. No. 8485, Animal Welfare Act: “with exemptions for dogs killed and eaten as part of indigenous rituals in some northern regions of the country.” As written from Wikipedia.org

But Mang Romy knows no Wikipedia and remains silent about the said R.A 8485, for him the world goes on with or without laws, the only thing that remains solid is Nature, if he has to pay for what he does so be it, but remember he doesn’t do anything other than survival and a way of what we call Humans.

Still, the story I’ve got brings a small flare on to my heart, why can’t we explain further the feeling we call attachment and value? No one knows, it’s the sentiment that explains.

Note: Pictures? Yes, just go back here. 🙂

The Unexpected Truth

Posted by: The Girl Behind The Pen

Have you ever felt being treated differently by others?

We live in a world where everybody thinks they are perfect—a world that serves as safe zones for some but a world that seems too harsh for some. Why can’t we just feel the same thought to be equal?

“Once upon a time they were two girls,” I say. “One girl had black skin, one girl had white.”
Mae Mobley looks up at me. She listens.
“Little colored girl say to little white girl, ‘How come your skin be so pale?’ White girl say, ‘I don’t know. How come your skin be so black? What you think that mean?’
“But neither of the little girls knew. So little white girl say, ‘Well, let’s see. You got hair, I got hair.’ “I give Mae Mobley a little tousle on her head.
“Little colored girl say ‘I got a nose, you got a nose.’ “I give her little snout a tweak. She got to reach up and do the same to me.
“Little white girl say, ‘I got toes, you got toes” And I do the little thing with her toes, but she can’t get to mine cause I got my white work shoes on.
“‘So we’re the same. Just a different color’, say that little colored girl. The little white girl she agreed and they were friends. The End”
Baby Girl just look at me. Law, that was a sorry story if I ever heard one. Wasn’t even no plot to it. But Mae Mobley, she smile and say, “Tell it again.”
― Kathryn StockettThe Help

In a world full of selfish men, overpowering, and green-eyed monsters, it is impossible not to deal with discrimination. It is a battle of white versus black. And most of the time, the black men became underdogs. Why?—because white men think that blacks are trash and worthy of the position below. They think that blacks don’t deserve to be above so they always put them on the ground.

I don’t know why discrimination exists in this world. We were born and created by one God. Yes we may differ in color but that doesn’t mean that the color should distinguish our positions in life.

Just like Shade (pronounced as Shady)—a 22 year-old lady from Nigeria.

                “I’m a Nigerian. Discrimination… a lot…” She said when I asked her if she already experienced it.

                “…by many Filipinos” Wait, what? By many Filipinos? Seems shocking? No. Not at all. Of course for me it’s not because I’m a Filipino and I know our values. Filipinos are known all over the world as kind and hospitable people especially to the foreigners.

Yes it is true that we are known to be hospitable. In fact, it is one of the taglines used in a campaign for Tourism. But one nature of the Filipinos is to gossip around. If you’re new to our country and you strongly believe that we are hospitable and kind, then you will be surprised to know the negative side of some Filipinos because what you’re expecting is like a fantasy and far from reality; also turned out to be distracting. And that’s the unexpected truth behind the “hospitable Filipinos”.

                “Sometimes they gossip about you and when they gossip, they laugh at you… the way you don’t expect them to laugh.”

                “And you know, sometimes when they laugh at you, you find meanings why they laugh… the way they look at you and say something in a language which you don’t understand.”

It’s really hard to be a tourist in a foreign country because one barrier that will keep you away from the people is the language. What more if you will live in that country. You will have to deal with different people and for you to be one of them, you have to learn their language for you to understand them.

                “And number two, you know, in this world everybody have their own particular smell. And for me, some Filipinos smell but I don’t tell them they stink because I know it’s not good.”

                “Sometimes you feel like crying”

                “Nobody knows you… but you can’t do anything, you can’t say anything. You just have to keep quiet and watch them”

                “…but I’m used to that”

Four years is a long time for her to live like that in the Philippines. She is used to that situation. She confessed that at first, she felt angry but then she realized that it will not make the situation better. Every time that it happens again, she just laughs at it for her to make friends and be one of them. For her to cope up, she said that she just cried. She spent time alone with nobody, because she has no friends and no family here. She also believes that she is independent now that’s why she needs to be stronger.

Now, she is a graduating student of Centro Escolar University with a degree in Business Management and a notable Varsity player in Women’s Basketball.

I didn’t write this to ruin the identity of Filipinos. I wrote this because I want to open your minds to all the possibilities in life—that what we have always known is not what we’ll always see. This is just one of the racism issues in the world. We are not the only ones who did this; there are also other people from other countries who treat foreigners or natives harshly.

Treating black men like they’re made of trash isn’t moral. We shouldn’t demean what blacks can do because most of them are better than any of us. Seems unbelievable? Well here’s my proof: most of the successful and well-known artists (showbiz or music industry) are blacks. When it comes to music industry, blacks have amazing talents that make us turn into the beat and some of them are:







Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

While in the world of TV and Movies, blacks also proved that they have a place at the top like:

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Will Smith

Will Smith

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Still not enough? Well, here’s another person to prove you that blacks can’t be insulted. She’s just the most influential woman in the world according to different Media Agencies in US. She’s none other than…

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

And hitting the list is the most powerful man in America—the President—Barrack Obama.


(Image Sources from Google.com)

And why do people discriminate others?—for some, to put themselves up; while others do it just for fun. By doing so, it doesn’t make them any better. Making others feel bad doesn’t make us cool, it just makes us worst. We don’t have the right to label others with nasty and offending names. We don’t have the right to treat them differently because in the first place, we are all the same.

“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind”
― Maria Cristina MenaThe Collected Stories of Maria Cristina Mena

Which is switched?

by: Kring-Kring

When a boy is dressed like a girl, we may conclude that he is a (1) crossed dresser, (2) gay, (3) model, (4) trendsetter or (5) androgynous—and like was for the girls.
Let us focus in the fifth conclusion. So, what is androgynous?
According to Wikipedia, The term “androgynous” is often used to refer to a person whose look or build make determining their gender difficult, but is generally not used to describe actual intersexuality, transgender or two-spirit people. Occasionally, people who do not actually define themselves as androgynies adapt their physical appearance to look androgynous. This outward androgyny has been used as a fashion statement and some of the milder forms (women wearing men’s trousers/men wearing skirts, for example) are not perceived as transgender behavior.

In shorter term, individuals who confuse us with their gender are androgynous (individuals who are comfortable bringing themselves manly or girly).
Androgyny challenges the gender stereotypes and one of the earliest celebrities to challenge gender stereotypes was Elvis Presley in the 1950s, whose wardrobe and use of makeup (particularly eye makeup) incited traditionalists to riot. Presley inspired extraordinary artists such as the Beatles (starting with long hair and progressing to full-fledged androgynous dress in life and on stage), the Rolling Stones (particularly Mick Jagger who strongly worked the androgyny angle) during the 1960s.

Androgyny is an art—an accepted bold art of expression.
In androgyny, sex or gender is not an issue.
How are the gays and the lesbians differ from an androgynous?
The gays are men who believe that they are women whose soul is trapped in a man’s body, a lesbian is the total opposite of the gay while an androgynous individual is a man or a woman who wears both feminine and masculine clothes but is neither a gay nor a lesbian.
We can take Tado Jimenez, as an example of an androgynous individual. Tado, is a writer, a celebrity, a business man, a husband and a father. Tado is not a gay but he wears a very long hair.

Tado Jimenez

Tado Jimenez

How is a Bisexual different from an androgynous?

A bisexual is a man or woman who can either be a man or woman depending on the situation he or she is called. A good example of a bisexual individual is Paolo Ballesteros.

Paolo is a TV personality, a host, a father and a bisexual. Paolo is not a full-pledge gay but is rather a bisexual–bi, meaning, two. Paolo is sometimes a lady and sometimes a man. He was a man when he like the mother of his child and he was a lady when he’s into individuals whose gender is the same as his–man.

Paolo Ballesteros as Anne Hathaway

Paolo Ballesteros as Anne Hathaway

Paolo Ballesteros

Paolo Ballesteros

Paolo as Angelina Jolie

Paolo as Angelina Jolie


Androgynous individuals on the other hand, are straight man and woman whose ability to portray themselves as the opposite sex is extremely awesome. Once these individuals are dressed like their real identity or vice versa, we wouldn’t know if the person we’re staring at is a real girl or guy.


Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

David Chiang

David Chiang

David Chiang

David Chiang

Erika Linder

Erika Linder

Erika Linder

Erika Linder

Sarah Whale

Sarah Whale

Sarah Whale

Sarah Whale

Willy Carter

Willy Carter

Willy Carter

Willy Carter

Willy Carter

Willy Carter

So, what do you think of them? Aren’t they sublime?

Here’s what others have thought of them:

comment ghjk iuhjn;olk[ rytu rytypo


I, myself was confused when I first saw these pictures. But in the end, I said nothing except SUUUPERB!

We do not have the right to judge others, that’s what we usually hear. But why do we judge others? Maybe because we are not use to their way of things and because it’s our nature to judge others.

Judging others is a sin. But I think there is a good thing about judging others and that is we will try our very best not to be like them and we start to strive for development and self-improvement.

I think that it would be best if we judge others not to put them in shame but for us to learn how to appreciate things because there is goodness in everything.

We can be ourselves through others, but the best you can be is having your own identity. Nokia said that Imitation is the best form of flattery hash tagging Apple.



But isn’t best if you are the one imitated than the one imitating. So why follow the trend if you can start the trend yourself? So which identity are you?