An Ode to the Unspoken Light: The LED Technology






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We are in the era where information technology ticks faster than the hands of time, with different technological developments and competition of wireless machines, have you asked yourself, where they all started?

Everything started from a Light.

“Let there be light.” He said. “Then there was Light.” Genesis 1:3

In Nature we call it Sunlight, in late Science it is the Incandescent (Daylight), now we call it LED.


LED, upclose and personal

Quick History

Light-Emitting Diode or LED is a solid-state type of light that doesn’t contain any properties that an incandescent bulb has, invented by the Father of Modern Lighting Nick Holonyak, this type of luminescence creates light differently from the other general light sources do. LED, unlike any bulbs before, doesn’t have mercury and the commonly known two hazardous materials Lead and Arsenic are crossed out in its property. Although its first release in 1962 was quite expensive, the Beta for modern consumption made a breakthrough in its comeback during 2009, when Samsung shook the market by introducing its first LED TV.

An Example of LED TV

Photo source: (


Difference of LCD and LED

Photo source (

LEDs are always associated to flashlights, be it emergency, traffic, or car pimps and if not, it is a major marketing asset in electrical saving televisions and advertising boards. But within this usual features what more could LED lights unfold beyond its existence?

In 2007, Apple launched the first innovated touch phone, iPad and iPhone series with the properties of LED back-lighting and flexible LED display that prevents the screen from dust, scratches or glares. LED screens offer a high definition of colour display and support multi-touch operations, compared to LCD screens, they have the capability to save energy and regulate heat discharge.

Apple LED backlight

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 Photo source: (

Present: LEDing the World to a brighter future, lighting perfection

The existence of LED became essential to every technologically competing company, the exemplary ability of this minuscule lighting to conserve and reserve energy while producing luminosity better than incandescent without overheating became a green option to the manufacturers and designers of mobile establishments, considering that this lighting is only applicable in spot-lighting or in limited direction, this light innovation became part of our lives without knowing or acknowledging it.

Below are the new easy-peasy insinuations of LED Technology amidst our everyday existence:

The EL wire (Electroluminescent wire) known as Glow wire

This is a LED wire that is fully flexible, waterproof and heat-resistant, it comes in different colors as well as transitions, this is perfect for lighting costumes, modernized lighting in fashion, and customized portable stuffs.


EL Wire

Photo source: (


Photosource: (

LED Shoelaces

Perfect for light dancing exhibitions, this lighting lasts for almost 3 days depending on usage. Pimp your shoes and walk like a human disco. Also waterproof.


Photo source: ( 

 LED Collar for pets

Afraid to lose your best friend somewhere in the park? Or walking on the streets at night with him? This collar is perfectly fit to illuminate the bonds between you and your fluffy buddy.


Photo source: (

LED Shirts

Too bored to see the same inanimate designs on your shirt? Try wearing this shirt, a total eye-catcher and a rare find. A very good alternative for advertising.


Photo source: ( 

LED Lingerie

Well, very awkward right? But yes, some lingerie companies install LED into their design, making it a deviant from all provoking sets of undies.

Do you like what you see?

Do you like what you see?

Photo Source: (

LED Eyelashes and Teeth

Lights go closer and into you, better eye contact (Plus free flashing lights) and a colorful killer smile! with this way of light no one could ever say ‘No’ to you. It’s just socially awkward and elegantly creepy.

Light my vision!

Light my vision!

Photo source: (

Killer of the good ol' killer smile! Shine Bright!

Killer of the good ol’ killer smile! Shine Bright!

Photo source: (

LED technology continues to sing its way to excellence, making its kind a versatile and a general key to any keyholes in the world of Electronics.

Saving Energy, Saving Money, Saving Life.

If you have any innovations made by LED technology, come share it here!

Some short Facts about LED

*The first practical visible-spectrum (red) LED was developed in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, Jr., while working at General Electric Company

*There can be as many as 1500 LEDs (depending on the size of the TV) placed in an array to light up the slightly more than two million pixels of your 1080p TV

*An LED bulb in a newborn’s room today, would probably not have to be replaced until that child goes off to college.


If you want to more about the Science and Functions of LED Lighting, Click Here!


6 thoughts on “An Ode to the Unspoken Light: The LED Technology

  1. I like the way you write, easy to understand. I find too much science terminologies confusing. you give short but straight details. Amusing to see some led applications in clothing apparels and the like. Hope to read more from you soon! Layout is cute.

  2. What LED undies?! And dental LEDs? World has gone very confusing.. update more. The title is catching, for my type I guess. Sounds ‘Game-ish’. Are you going to do reviews too? please do. I prefer game walkthroughs. Layout is very girly, but not bitchy. Easy to visit thru mobile.

  3. Interesting! Truly, world is changing so fast and its good to know how things progress. Seeing all those cool pictures proves technology caters innovation in almost all aspects of our life (even in undergarments). 😀

    Please specifically point out the LED in figure 5 and avoid overusing commas. Try to separate or use conjunctions.

  4. It’s interesting that you used examples of LED usage not only through cellphones or television but also through dentals, underwears and even dog leashes! 🙂 COOL! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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