Philippine Politics: The Showbiz Government


By Fish-Balls

“Twenty years from now bagsak na ang Pilipinas…” – Former President Ferdinand Marcos’ prediction on the Philippines

Former President Marcos (from

Former President Marcos (from

In a typical Philippine political family situation, the hierarchy of Government officials that makes up a number of relatives or children that controls a certain municipality or even the country is an open secret. An issue voiced by the public but never justified by the present administration; different elite families interconnected and formed a structure that rests along the same bloodline or a particular lineage, but was neither sued by laws nor the ignorant society.

Does the monopolized power of the Administration define the word Democracy? Or everything would just fall under the safety of wealth and power? Either way, one thing is wrong, OLIGARCHY.

Administration after years (From

Philippines is under the influence of different officials, be it Mayor, Congressman, or Senator, majority of them came from a family of renowned politicians, showbiz personalities, and even religious affiliations. A typical politician owns a large mass of wealth, is there any political figure on the Philippines as presented in media who lives in a usual household, like a house with dogs and normal life? Most of the politicians that enjoy the pleasures of their title came not from a vindicated position of their being and abilities, but rather their fame and mass effect, the ‘Masa’ touch as told by many.


Add Kris Aquino for 2016? (from

One of the best examples that seem to be the best open secret is our present President Noynoy Aquino, carrying the names of the two prominent figures that etched the Philippine History, Former senator Ninoy and President Corazon Aquino. Continuing a left footprint isn’t bad at all but to continue a legacy with so many family members on the same house isn’t that something that should be questioned? Only Monarchy is the type of administration legal to preserve titles and power within a certain ancestry, who would have thought that democracy or freedom in the Philippines, will teach the same practice?


Boxing ring? or Boxing Congress? (from

Another example is Manny Pacquiao, the boxing champion addressed as “The Modern Hero” due to his excellence in his boxing career that uplifted the trait of Filipinos as warriors, now plans to run for Presidency. Consider something in return, how would our famous boxer change his path unlikely into Politics, where the fight is not by brawn but by brain? True to his word that Manny will help the people in need, but why need politics when you already have the wealth to help whoever you wanted to?

Learning the games of Politics is not an easy task; it does not take only a week to even formulate a bill or debate a bill into a law, earning a degree is not something easy even if you have the means, it is honed by time, tested by issues and tackled by arguments, if one does not have the guts to rebut such situation, a former boxer cannot just give his colleague a jab or a hard uppercut to settle this down.


Elite Political Trees (from

While having the ‘Pork barrel’ as the number one on the list of the perks of being able to sit on the congress, the next in line of being a politician is that you are immune in arrest warrants, remember Sen. Tito Sotto in his RH speech, a total embarrassment that would forever be imbued on the political sector of the Philippines. It was never brought up again by the media, but would always be the talk of the town by the public, an issue that could represent Filipinos as thieves. Why?

Because politicians are representatives of the country, they become our leaders and ambassadors to each neighbouring countries, the power bestowed upon them can either make or break the people residing within. The social structure that ventures the Philippines is all in one inverted triangle. Where the ignorant stays the same, which is US.


Who to vote? How to? We don’t know. (from

Politicians has the money to pay for their campaign ads, money we do not know whether it’s from their pockets or from the ‘kaban ng bayan’, these figures get voted to represent our country but were they representing the country? Or are we just pawns being played on a chess game?

“A government that does not represent its people is never a democracy.” –PinoyMonkeyPride

With all eyes open and hearts ablaze, do not be fooled by politicians that use religion for the sake of political purpose neither the sweet tongue they offer during campaign or assembly, although either way around even if we vote, most of the candidates for each seat isn’t the ideal figure we all hope for.

The only way to get rid of this oligarchy is to support Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s bill against Political Dynasty. Always remember that we Filipinos are not puppets by the government or toys to be governed like slaves, this is a democratic country, and we should own what is equally ours.


The bill explained (from

Let’s stop from being naïve, take the risk and claim your right! Though always remember, do what is humane, not just the way you want it.

Disclaimer: The article above does not represent the University’s stand upon the issue, it is the liability only the writer herself. Thank you! 😀